Two sisters, Vanessa and Veronica, talk about one's dating experience online in the midst of a global pandemic.

Theresa Ukpo is a 34-year-old, living in Brooklyn. Despite being a runner in good health, she says the coronavirus wreaked havoc on her system.

Ramona speaks about having the opportunity to watch where her brain went when she went on a ten-day silent retreat for the first time in Southern Georgia.

Shantice describes how the horrible behavior at her church, from Pastor on down, caused her to get to know God outside of the building and away from the peo...

We spoke to one Black woman about how finances ruined her relationship with an uncle. See what she had to say.

After the American Pediatric Association deemed spanking emotionally and psychologically, Black women discuss why they do and don't spank their daughter...

Brooke was pregnant with her second son when she realized something was wrong with her heart. But her doctors dismissed her, ignoring her concerns.

September 22, 2018

In part two of Lisa's story, she shares how her life changed for the worst after she learned that her husband was gay.

September 15, 2018

Lisa, a Trinidadian immigrant, shares the true story of a forced marriage that went sour as her husband grappled with his own sexuality.

Host, actress and entrepreneur Stacy Ike talks about forging her own path as a journalist, fighting for her fairytale, and trusting God along the way.

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