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Heffa You Have No Idea What It Took For Me To Just Stand Here And Breathe: T-Boz On Her First Outing

We all know that T-Boz has had her health challenges. Most of us just think about the fact that she has Sickle Cell Anemia. But in 2009, she told CBS News that in 2006, she was diagnosed with a strawberry-sized acoustic neuroma on her vestibular nerve. The tumor was affecting her balance, hearing, sight and facial movement. She lived with the tumor for years because many surgeons refused to remove it due to complications that might arise because of her sickle cell. Eventually, she found one doctor willing to try and operate. Ultimately, it was the right decision. The doctor operated, removed the tumor and T-Boz embarked on the healing process.

Recently, on her Instagram page, she shared an image of the first outing after the tumor surgery and people judged her for wearing shades.

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