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Bettah Days

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As a child, my grandmother, Leanora Johnson, and I spent a lot of time talking. Not only because I was and still am nosey, but also because I was completely enraptured by her stories and the way she told them. They made me laugh, get upset, cry, think and want to be and do better. And while this was the type of relationship we shared for sixteen years, I realized, when she passed away, that not all of my family members knew her story. Later, when I went away to college and started living in the world as an adult woman, I realized that there were other people, Black women particularly, who could benefit from her stories as well. 


So after years, I wrote them down. They would ultimately become my first self-published book, Bettah Days. 


Check the summary below. 


Even as a little girl, Constantine knew she didn’t want a marriage like the dried up one her parents had. Instead, she wanted it to mimic the sweet, American love songs her father played from his phonograph. But after a devastating heartbreak, the introduction of a charismatic stranger, and an unplanned pregnancy, Constantine finds herself in a relationship that is far more disappointing and dire than anything her parents endured. In the midst of motherhood, dissatisfaction and a challenging husband, Constantine must find the strength to choose peace over peril and forgiveness over fury.


You can purchase the book by clicking the link below. 


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