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Sisterhood: British Virgin Island Students Braid & Style Classmate's Hair


Lupita Nyong’o is the magazine industry's “it” girl. She has been featured on dozens of covers. But her most remarkable partnership, in my opinion, was when Vogue produced a video of her braiding another Black woman's hair.

The video itself was striking but the words Lupita shared about braiding and the relationship between women were truly beautiful.

“Braiding just tells a story…Your hair is your frame if you jack someone’s hair up, the world sees it. For me, braiding hair is an intimate thing. It’s getting up close and personal and I like to do it for people that I know and love and trust.”

I saw the sentiment behind Lupita's words echoed in a video from the British Virgin Islands that has gone viral on Facebook. It features school girls who take it upon themselves to help one of their classmates by braiding her hair. Mai A. Monroé, the girl who shared the video on Facebook, wrote this about the experience.

Soooooo! For a while now..we've noticed that one of our fellow classmates wasn't styling her hair. Majority of the girls in class always have their hair done... except her. 😞 As a class we know she's shy & can see she has low confidence due to constant bullying .. 😔 But today that changed! 🤗 As a class we got together and gathered the necessary supplies needed to GLAM our classmate up! 😍🤑 We usually see her laugh & smile a little, but today her SMILE meant everything to us 😪❤️ ... & Even though we're not around when you're being bullied .. just keep in mind that we care about you & most importantly... we gotchu bbg! ❤️ Our video is not for laughter, so please keep your negative comments to yourself.

Image via CreateHerStock

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