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My Late Grandmother Shared A Message With My Mom During Her Mastectomy

Earlier I interviewed my mom about her second breast cancer journey. Though, I try to keep my opinions or thoughts out of most of the interviews, I share, I had questions and even insight into some of things my mom was saying so I interjected. But I tried my hardest to keep it to a minimum.

This past week, my mother had both a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. While the surgery represented a finality to this cancer journey, it was still a very emotional ordeal for my family. Basically it took a long time to get here. In March, the month she was supposed to have these surgeries, my mom, with her immune system compromised by the chemo, caught pneumonia, was dehydrated and had to spend 10 days in the hospital regaining her strength. So the surgery was pushed back. In that month, my sister and I came home to help her out until she could do for herself. And then we returned this week for the surgery.

The day ended up being very memorable not only because it marked the day my mother became a two-time cancer survivor, it was also the day my grandmother visited her and reaffirmed that she would be ok and that she had even more life to live.

After we got home from the hospital, my sister and I recorded our thoughts about the day. You can watch them in the video above.

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