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A Discussion On T.I.'s Audacity

It’s my assumption that most rappers are misogynists. Hell, most men are misogynists really. But it’s more pronounced in Hip Hop. Still, I knew T.I. was irredeemable when he tried to call Tiny out for posing in a bikini on the beach. Or when he said that women were too emotional to be president. Funny how he spends so much of his time bashing Trump… But I digress. T.I. is really not here for us. And if that fact was ever more pronounced, it can be seen in the way he speaks to his estranged wife Tiny. Y’all know after years of him stepping out, allegations of abuse etc, Tiny filed for divorce. But they also have this reality show that for the past six years, they’ve had this reality show that branded them as something like the hood Huxtables. And luckily for us, the couple decided to discuss their divorce drama on the show. Apparently, things come to a head when the two sit down for dinner and Tiny confronts him, for the first time on camera, about him cheating with a woman she’d hired to work for her. While a family man like T.I. purports himself to be would feel some sense of shame or responsibility for his less than honorable actions, he turns the tables back on Tiny being seen canoodling with Floyd Mayweather, a man he doesn’t f*ck with. It’s incredible. I haven’t watched “The Family Hustle” in years and I don’t think this year will be any different. But I could not take my eyes away from the clip my friend and coworker sent me of the two hashing their dysfunction out at a fancy restaurant. After I watched it, the following conversation ensued via G-chat.

Brande: I can’t stop watching this clip and I don’t know why Me: lemme hurry up and publish this so I can devote my full attention. I love to Hate watch TI these days I am soooo glad Tiny is finally firing back meanwhile TI trying to keep his pimp hand to himself Brande: when he said "were you at odds with her?" I could’ve screamed for 5 mins straight she handled that quite well Me: she really did I'm just sick and this clip convinced me that she just might get that divorce cuz she didn't look hurt, she didn't look jealous. She looked over it. Brande: she sure did annnnd clearly there was something with Floyd tho Me: uhhh right. Brande: I want her not to go that route Me: but guuuuuud for her Brande: lol Me: I don't think she did anything but it was a strategic move she said I ain't “intertwining my souls with no motherfuckers” Brande: lol right she just let him take her out Me: TI is sick in the head and there was one face he made like he really wanted to strike her you right gurl you have to watch this clip 50-11 times to get everything out of it. Brande: lol seriously. like I can't turn away from his audaciousness he's just gonna make what he did right and you talking about Tiny entertaining your enemy vs ALL the women you have cheated with. she is doing a favor only bringing up one Me: that's what I'm saying. the fact that there is no I'm sorry. I was a dog. I was out here fucking everything and everybody and this nigga said I spent millions on you as if that was something Brande: and also, i noticed this before, but I’m just taking in him having this convo in glasses exactly! Me: I’m so glad she mentioned all the things she did for him. Things you can't put a price tag on why you think he wore the glasses? cuz it's not shame? Brande girl right back to your pimp comment was that you or Victoria saying he might have just married her out of loyalty? Ima have to go back to some old clips to see if they ever functioned well. Cuz he isn’t even addressing her like the mother of the kids he claims to love so much Me: I think that was Victoria because I personally can't understand why he did it gurl she was always the one who was clinging on him. I always felt like that Brande: smh if she was with any dude other than Floyd I don’t even know if he would care. Me: I think if it went public he would Brande: That’s true. His ego just can’t take it Me: Vanessa, from the sidelines after listening to me play the clip 5 times: “TI is a despicable nigga." Brande: the perfect word!

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