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Enjoy Your Vagina: He Was All Over The Bed Like Captain Crunch

enjoy your vagina

We're taught, from an early age, you must make sure your vagina is clean and that's really all that you hear about it. You're not told the benefits or perks of having a vagina. No one talks about it like it's something to be proud of. I want to change the conversation around that. Your vagina is for you to enjoy. It's a part of your body, it's something you should embrace and not feel shame or guilt around. So in this Enjoy Your Vagina series, we're talking about masturbation, periods, pubic hair and sex, of course.

First you have to tell me about this dude. What does he look like? How did you meet him?

Ugh! No problem! I call him Stallion and he is gorgeous! He has brown skin, nice lips, nice eyes. He wears black glasses. He's like Bart Simpson but Black. He's about 5'7, around my height. I kind of got a little taller since I lost a few more pounds. I love his voice. He has such a nice, mellow deep voice. He's such a hard worker. And he's just a great guy. I met him about two years ago. He's one of my sisters friends, actually. And my sister is younger than me. I'm 28-years-old and he is--he's young like 23. He's a baby girl! The boy is a baby! But this man is the man! He was my bud guy and that's how I met him. I was having a rough day at work and I was so stressed out. I had just gotten out of a relationship with my ex-boyfriend that I'd been with for two years and I was coming home from work and I was just like 'Oh my gosh I'm so stressed out.' I didn't want to buy any but I just felt like I needed to get a little something. So I hit my sister up and was like 'Do you know anybody because it's been a while?' And she's like "Yeah I'll call my friend Stallion and he's going to come over and hook you up." I walked out to his car-- he drives a white Honda-- and looked at this man and ever since then he's just been like the dollar bill in my mind. He's been the money. I need to get my hands on the money. I need to get my hands on that bill, ok? I can't do anything without that bill. And back then he was only like 20! Could you imagine me walking out to that car and looking at this man--and we had a moment where we just couldn't get our eyes off each other. And I think from then on we fell for each other, that moment on.

enjoy your vagina

Because the next time I needed bud-- which was only a day or two later-- he comes back over here. This time he comes to the house and he had some girl in the car. It could have been one of his cousins. I don't know. Or it could have been his girlfriend at the time maybe he was trying to tell me a little something.

This time he came in the house he was a little bit more closer with me, we talked a little bit more, and I could tell he was interested from that point in. And I was interested too but I had just gotten out of my relationship. I'm a very hands-on, focused type of female even when it comes to personal work and friendships and things like that. I like to treat everybody with respect and make sure everybody's good. So I didn't want to rush into anything and I had my mind just on work and I was just stressed out from work and stressed out from going through the withdrawals of being out of my relationship now. So I didn't want to jump back into anything. But I couldn't get my thoughts off of him. Like. who is this man? He just infected my brain. So we didn't exchange numbers yet.

The next time I needed bud--so now this is the third time that he comes, now--we go into the car, we have a little, we talk a little. And I'm like how about let's exchange numbers now because every time I wanted to talk to him or every time I needed the bud I went to my sister to tell him to hit me up. And he's like 'Sure, no problem I'll exchange numbers.' Girl, from that point in, it was a wrap. He hit me up the next day and he called me beautiful. And I was just like 'Oh, he really is interested in me!' From that point on, we were talking every day.' He came over, he stopped by. We were trying to just figure out who each other was. He's just young, that's it. He was just a baby. It was about 2-3 weeks that had passed by before we did anything. I was thinking about it a lot. So when I went over to his house that night, I was thinking I'm going all the way. We're definitely gonna do something tonight. And that was one of my first times, in my life, that I had sex on the first night, on the first date. Usually, I'm very like sheltered. I'm very closed off. And I just wait for a few, even if it's like the second day or the third day, I don't like to just jump in bed with these guys. You know how they are now-a-days. But with him, we had already talked. We had already spoken, we were already texting while we were at work so I felt very comfortable once I was in his house and just going with the flow.

I wore a dress. I took a picture when I was in his room, actually. That's when I was a little bit bigger. I lost a few pounds over the last few years, a good number of pounds-- probably like a hundred pounds. It was a striped blue and gray dress, thin straps and I'm holding a red cup that I'm sipping on. It was my night dress because I ended up wearing that to go to bed. We were watching tv first and he initiated things in that first moment. It was my first time ever being nervous with a man. Usually I'm the initiator. I'm the one to spark things and just kind of jump on things when I want something. But this time around, with him, it wasn't the same. He took all my buzz. He took everything from me. And he was just the one to spark everything. He initiated the kissing, the touching. We didn't really kiss that much. He's not really much of a big kisser and neither am I, really. But I'll kiss him, if you know what I mean. We'll definitely walk down that aisle if the day comes. And the first time we had sex it was amazing. It was crazy. He did all these little tricks. I tried 69 for one of the first times in my life, which was great for me. I enjoyed it. I like it from the back, so we did that. I didn't really ride him that much this time around. We were just more so experimenting with each other. He's very flexible and very energetic so he was all over that bed like crazy. He was all over the bed like Captain Church. Ugh! We had fun! This is the first night, not the story that I told you when I rode him. What set this time apart? What made this time different? Him! And his energy. And I would say my shyness my nervousness. Like I said I've never been nervous before so when we had sex I was so much more in touch with myself and kind of just in my own world. And he brought me out of my own world. And it just made me feel just so out of this world. It made me feel so good, so good. And same for him. I'm sure I made him feel so good because from that point in, we were talking. We said that we weren't going to rush into a relationship with each other. We said we were just going to be friends. We both agreed that we were going to be friends with benefits. We were going to be close friends. We were going to have a relationship but not be boyfriend and girlfriend. But it wasn't just that type of friends with benefits I'll call you when I want to have sex. It wasn't like that at all. We were much more in depth with each other. We were talking like best friends. Chilling, hanging out. And even when I went over to his house, we didn't have sex everyday.

The first time I slept over his house was a great night for me. We woke up and played video games. It was great. Oh! And I washed dishes at his house too. I know, right! I agreed to wash dishes for him. Girl, I was hooked like magic! The man made me wash these damn dishes. Can you fucking believe that shit?! I was like, 'I'll wash them! I'll wash them for you!' He was like 'B, I'm going in the shower for a second, my mom wants me to wash these dishes but I'm not going to wash them right now. So just stay right here for me. I got to run into the bathroom, then come back out wash these damn dishes." First of all, I didn't just want to sit there. I'm a house girl. I'm Guyanese as well. My family we're hands on women. We have no problem cooking, cleaning, getting down in the dirty and gritty. So once I had that love for him, once I felt that he was my guy, I had no problem whatsoever doing it. He was like 'Word?! Are you serious?' That night was the night, I rode him. And I rode him until he came. And it felt so good. Ok, so now we can talk about it. He doesn't have the biggest penis that I have been with in my life. And I've been in three serious relationships. He doesn't have the biggest penis but he has the best one. And he has grown.

Editor's Note: Buttercup talks about Stallion in very holistic terms. So while I initially thought she was talking about the growth of his penis, when she uttered the next sentence, I realized she was talking about Stallion's overall development.

I've watched him grow from a young boy to a young man. And I'm still just amazed at his talent and his growth. It's amazing. So I'm proud of him.

Do you guys still see each other? Yes, we still see each other. He's a hard worker now. He has two jobs. And he's just trying to get his money up and so am I. We're just trying to focus on ourselves right now, no rush into anything. But he's still around.

What does your sister think about your relationship? I never asked her. We've never spoken about it. I'm sure she's happy for me but maybe she's not excited because of who he is. He's the bud guy. And you know how these bud guys are. You know their 411, you see them in the movies and stuff like that. And I don't know what to think because he comes off to me in a very great way, which is why I fell in love. I'm sure she's happy. She's probably Just a bit confused 'Like why do you want to be with Stallion, though?' Because I have a degree in accounting and I'm like a worky worky type of person. Why do you want to be with Stallion? He's a young kid?! But I can't help it. It just happens, he took my breath away.

I have feelings for Stallion and I want to pursue something with him in the future if the time comes, if it happens. But as of right now I can't stop myself from having fun or wanting to have a good time.

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